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Civil Penalties for Employing Illegal Workers Increases to up to £20,000 Per Illegal Employee

Civil Penalties for Employing Illegal Workers Increases to up to £20,000 Per Illegal Employee

UK Employer Sponsors
20 May, 2014

Appying for UK Visas is not a simple process. Whether you wish to apply for a UK visa from outside the UK or you wish to extend your Leave To Remain / Visa within the UK, you need to meet the UK Visa requirements and submit appropriate supporting documents to demonstrate that you meet the strict visa requirements.

Frequent changes to immigration rules, application forms and home office guidance makes it difficult for any one to keep abreast of all the changes. UK Employers are now under statutory obligation to comply with immigration rules related to 'Preventing Illegal Employment'. We have, therefore launched the UK Visas and Immigration blog where we will post the changes to the uk visa regime. Bookmark this page and also subscribe to our newsletter.

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If you are a non-EEA national living in the UK, the changes to the UK visas may affect you if you are under immigration restrictions i.e. if you are not already settled or not having indefinite leave to remain in the UK. Similarly, if you are a UK employer, you have to ensure that the person you employ has the right to live and work in the UK. We will discuss the changes and how they will affect you in this section:

  1. Entry Clearance Applications
  2. In-country Extension Applications
  3. Settlement and British Citizenship
  4. Employing Migrant Non-EEA Workers
  5. Studying in the UK as ab International Student

If you have questions about UK Visa requirements and applications, feel free to write to us using contact us form and we will be happy to answer as soon as possible. If you wish to submit any feedback, comments or suggestions, please use the contact us form on this site. We depend upon your feedback and comments to improve our services.

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