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Points Requirements for Visa System for UK

Points Requirements for UK Visa Eligibility under PBS System.

Find all the details about requirements for a Skilled Worker, Health &Care or a Student Visa

Under the points-based immigration system as announced by the the United Kingdom Government, anyone coming to the UK for work or higher studies must meet a prescribed set of requirements for which they will score points. Visas are only awarded to those who gain enough points, after considering other general aspects related to a person's eligibility to enter the UK.

The points-based system is designed to provide simple and easy to understand details to those who apply for the work visas or student visas for the UK.

The PBS Visa system will also help UK employers and education sponsors to understand the visa eligibility requirements to build an effective and flexible system.

Different routes will have different points requirements and how you can score the points. We have launched the points calculators for the Skilled Workers [link to calculator] and Students [link to calculator] on this site, so please visit relevant point calculator to find your score and eligibility.

Let us consider all Visa Routes falling under the new Points Based System

Skilled worker route

All the applicants under the Skilled Worker Route must score points under Mandatory Criteria as well as under Tradeable Points to meet the requirements for the route.

For the Skilled Worker route the applicant must score 50 points under mandatory criteria and 20 tradeable points to score total 70 points.

There will also be English Language requirement, TB Test (where applicable) and criminality checks apart from scoring points.

Health & Care Visas

The UK Government announced new Health and Care visa category to meet the shortage of frontline healthcare professionals.

You must be a qualified medical doctor, nurse, health professional or adult social care professional to qualify for health and care visa.

You must score the same level of points as Skilled Worker but must be sponsored to work in an eligible health or social care job by a UK employer who has a sponsor licence.

Global Talent Visa

Global Talent Visa is a UK immigration route for highly skilled and talented professionals who can demonstrate that they are global leaders in thefield of science, humanities, engineering, digital technology or the creative and arts and have peer endorsement in the form of an international award or a national award recognised nationally or internationally.

When your application for Endorsement is approved, you can score 70 points required for eligibility under Global Talent scheme.

Highly Skilled Workers

The UK Government has announced that new Highly Skilled Visa will be launched in early 2021 to allow eligible highly skilled migrants to come to the UK without any sponsorship requirements from the UK employers.

We will update our site as soon the scheme is announced so please bookmark and visit back soon.

Start-up Visa

Start-up visa is for individuals looking to set up an innovative business in the UK. Start-up visa is for entrepreneurs setting up an innovative business for the first time.

Innovator Visa

Innovator visa is for those with industry experience and at least £50,000 funding. Innovator visa is for individuals looking to set up an innovative business in the UK. Innovator is for entrepreneurs who have setup the business already and are in the growth stage with £50,000 funding.

Student route

New Points Based Student Route for Coming to Study in the UK has been announced. Points Based Student Route has replaced the old Tier 4 Student Visas for the UK from October 2020.

You will need to score 70 points to be eligible for a student visa for the UK.

Graduate route

If you are currently in the UK under Tier 4 visa or start your studies in 2021, you may be eligible for Graduate Visa (similar to old Post Study Visa) when you complete your degree successfully.

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