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Health And Care Visas for UK

Health And Care Visas for UK for Healthcare Professionals under Tier 2 PBS

Health and Care visas have been launched in July 2020 to enable healthcare professionals to come to the UK to work.

UK Health and Care Visas are part of Tier 2 of Points Based Immigration System and a sponsorship will be required from a UK employer who is registered with the Home Office and can be found on Tier 2 Sponsors Register.

If you are a citizen of a non-EEA country and are a qualified medical doctor, nurse, health professional or an adult social care professional, you may be able to apply for a Tier 2 (Health and Care ) visa if you have a job offer from the NHS or an organisation / private hospital providing medical services or an organisation providing adult social care in the UK.

You will need a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) from a licensed employer before you can apply for the health and care visa for the UK.

Health and Care visas have been launched in July 2020 to enable healthcare professionals to come to the UK and work easily. This route also has lower visa fees compared to other Tier 2 Visas and there is no Immigration Health Surcharge to pay if you are applying under Health and Care visa route.

Current List of Healthcare Professions included in Health & Care Visas

The Home Office has published full list of professions, defined by (SOC Codes) Standard Occupational Classification code, which would currently qualify for the Health and Care Visa.

The Home Office will update the list of professions before the launch of the new Skilled Workers route and the expanded skills threshold later this year.

Professions that currently qualify for the Health and Care Visa:

SOC Code Occupation
2112 Biological scientists and biochemists
2113 Physical Scientists
2211 Medical Practitioners
2212 Psychologists
2213 Pharmacists
2214 Ophthalmic Opticians
2215 Dental practitioners
2217 Medical Radiographers
2218 Podiatrists
2219 Health Professionals not elsewhere classified
2221 Physiotherapists
2222 Occupational Therapists
2223 Speech and Language Therapists
2229 Therapy professionals not elsewhere classified
2231 Nurses
2232 Midwives
2442 Social Workers
3213 Paramedics

The UK Government has waived Immigration Health Surcharge for healthcare professionals and their dependant family members.

How HSMP Services can help

If you are a healthcare professional and wish to migrate to the UK to work in the healthcare sector, please contact us so that we can guide you properly with the visa requirements and route specific registration and English language requirements.

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