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New Points Based Visa System for UK

New Points Based Visa System for UK To Attract Top Global Skills

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The Secretary of State for the Home Department announced new Point Based Visa System for UK Immigration in July 2020 to prepare the United Kingdom for Post Brexit UK where freedom of movement between the UK and the EU. The Immigration Bill is in the Parliament awaiting the passage.

The Points Based System will be simplified and streamlined to help the UK in meeting shortage of skills.

EU Citizens and Citizens of European Economic Area including Switzerland have no restrictions on entry to the UK under freedom of movement till 31 December 2020, however from 1st January 2021 EU Citizens will also need to apply for the visa in the same way as non-EU citizens.

The new points based system will replace Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 4 and Tier 5 of the current PBS and will be replaced by Global Talent Visas, Skilled Worker Visas, Visas for Highly Skilled Workers, Student Visas and Youth Mobility Visas.

New points based system has proposals for some very important changes. People currently under Tier 2 Intra Company Transfer are not eligible to switch to Tier 2 General or qualify for Indefinite Leave To Remain, however under the new system people under Tier 2 ICT can switch to Skilled Worker Visa if they score the required points under the new scheme. Please check out Switching to Skilled Worker Visa.

HSMP Immigration Services UK Ltd. specialises in Points Based Visa System right from the days of original Highly Skilled Migrant Programme and we hope to continue as leading service providers for the individuals and UK sponsors for skilled worker visas.

While we have tried to provide the provisions of various visa schemes including points calculators here for the information purpose only and should not be considered as immigration rules, which keep changing frequently. All the applications will be considered by UKVI, Home Office and UK Embassies based on the rules applicable on the date of application.

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