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Start-up Visa Route UK

Start-up Visas for UK Immigration to attract Global Innovative Businesses

The Start-up visa route is designed to attract entrepreneurial talent and innovative, scalable business ideas to the UK.

Start-up visa is for individuals looking to set up an innovative business in the UK. Start-up is for entrepreneurs setting up an innovative business for the first time.

Applicants under startup visa require endorsement from an approved Endorsing Body from the UK before applying. Approved endorsing bodies are expected to assess the business idea, before endorsing, as innovative, viable and scalable business idea.

There is no annual limit on the number of people who can successfully apply under start-up visa as the UK wishes to continue attracting best global business talent to the UK.

Start-up visa will be open to EU and non-EU citizens in the same way from 1st January 2021 prior to which it is open to non-EU citizens only.

Single individuals as well as teams can apply for start-up visa to set up a business for the first time. Successful applicants under start-up visa may who need to work to support themselves while developing their business ideas.

UK endorsing bodies will not only assess the business idea initially but also provide support and monitor the progress of the business ideas.

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HSMP Immigration Services UK Ltd. has been providing immigration services to the highly skilled migrants and entrepreneurs. Not only that promoters behind HSMP Services are themselves serial entrepreneurs with experience in digitech, fintech, real estate and other fields. HSMP Services can help you refine your business idea to make it globally scalable and viable and also liaise with endorsing bodies on your behalf.

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