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Skilled Worker Visa UK

Skilled Worker Visas UK under New Points Based Immigration System.

Find out how you can apply for or switch to skilled worker visa for the UK.

Skilled worker visas have replaced Tier 2 work visas for the UK.Skilled Worker visa is a route leading to settlement or Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK. your dependent spouse / partner and dependent children can apply under this route at the same time or to join you in the UK. The dependants will also qualify for ILR in the UK.

From 1st January 2021, anyone including EU citizens, coming to the UK to work will need to score 70 points to qualify under the scheme.Currently there is an annual cap on Tier 2 General scheme, which has been removed under the new PBS Visas.

Do I need a university degree to apply skilled worker visa for the ?

Your eligibility for skilled worker visa depends on the job you will be doing in the UK and not on a university degree. If your job can be found on Occupation Codes maintained by Office for National Statistics UK which is also on list of eligible occupations prepared by the Home Office, you will be able to migrate to the UK as a skilled worker. You will also need to meet minimum salary level and English language requirements.

What is minimum salary threshold, going rate and new entrant salary rate for skilled worker visa eligibility?

UK Government has prescribed £25,600 per year as the minimum salary threshold for skilled worker visa. Going Rate is prescribed minimum rate for an eligible occupation based on the research. So the minimum salary offered must be going rate or salary threshold, whichever is higher.

However, if your job is listed on Shortage Occupation List, you may be offered at least 80% of salary threshold or going rate, whichever is higher.

Similarly, if your job is included under Health and Care Visa, you may be paid lower salary. Please use the Skilled Worker Visa Points Calculator at to find your eligibility.

Skilled workers must score a total of 70 points to be eligible to apply and points can be scored as under:

Mandatory Points Requirement: 50 Points

Mandatory points must be score for Job Offer, Skill Level for the Job and Knowledge of English as under:

Job Offer from an Approved UK Employer - 20 points
Job at appropriate skill level - 20 points
Knowledge of English language - 20 points

Tradeable Points Requirement: 20 Points

Tradeable points can be scored for Salary, whether job is on Shortage Occupation List, Education and whether you are a new entrant in the UK job and labour market.

Salary of £20,480 (minimum) to £23,039 - 00 points
Salary of £23,040 to £25,599 - 10 points
Salary of £25,600 or above - 20 points
Job in a shortage occupation - 20 points
Education qualification: PhD
in job relevant subject
- 10 points
Education qualification: PhD
in a STEM subject relevant to job
- 20 points

We have designed a very detailed and step by step points calculator to help you find out if you will be able to score the required points to qualify under the Skilled Worker Visa Scheme. Please visit Points Calculator for Skilled Worker Visa

The other major advantage for the skilled workers who are already in the UK under Tier 2 ICT visa is that they can switch from Tier 2 ICT to a Skilled Worker Visa within the UK and there will not be any cooling off period. Find out if you can switch to skilled worker visa by visiting the points calculator.

If you have questions related to skilled worker visas for the UK, please find answers by visiting the FAQ page.

If a UK employer has shown interest in sponsoring and employing you, but they are not registered with the Home Office as an approved Sponsor, you may suggest them to contact us so that we can help them with Sponsor License application. Without the sponsor license the employer cannot offer you a job and assign the Certificate of Sponsorship.

HSMP Immigration Services UK Ltd. has helped many individuals in applying for Tier 2 Visas, extension or further leave to remain applications leading to settlement and can help you in the visa process to make sure that you have appropriate supporting documents to meet the requirements.

Please contact us today to find how we can help you.

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