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Skilled Worker Visa UK

Skilled Worker Visas under new Points Based System

Skilled worker visas will essentially replace Tier 2 General scheme under current PBS.

From 1st January 2021, anyone including EU citizens, coming to the UK to work will need to score 70 points to qualify under the scheme.

Applicants will need to score 50 mandatory points and 20 tradeable points to qualify.

Mandatory requirements are as under:

The applicant must have an offer of a job from a licensed sponsor;

The job must be at or above the minimum skill level: RQF3 level or equivalent (A-level or equivalent qualification). Workers will not need to hold a formal qualification. It is the skill level of the job they will be doing which is important.

The applicant must speak English to an acceptable standard.

Tradeable points can be scored for the salary offered for the job or if the job is on shortage occupation list or the applicant has relevant PhD.

We will soon be having a Points Calculator for Skilled Workers so that you can easily check if you will be able to score the required Mandatory and Tradeable Points.

Currently there is an annual cap on Tier 2 General scheme, which will be removed from 1st January 2021.

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