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Other UK Visas

Non PBS& Other UK Visas for Family, Tourist, Visit, Business & Settlement.

Find details about the appropriate UK Visa you will need to live, work or holiday in the UK.

UK is a very popular global destination for all types of migrants and there are different types or categories of UK Visas to address different requirements of long-term migrants and short-term visitors.

UK Government and the Home Office have announced new points-based immigration system for coming years after exit from the EU and end of free movement arrangements for EU, EEA and Swiss citizens.

UK is a popular destination for International Students, Highly Skilled Migrants, Skilled Migrants, Entrepreneurs, Innovators and businesses. Because the UK population is made up of many migrants of different origin and nationalities, there is a huge demand for spouse visas, family visit visas and family reunion visas. UK is also a global business leader and hence many businesspersons and companies wish to either do business with UK companies or wish to set-up their own branch or subsidiary in the UK.

Main Visa Categories of the UK Visas

Major categories such as Work Visas, Business Visas, Study Visas, Family / Spouse Visas and Settlement Visas are discussed in detail in their section, there are other UK Visas which we would like to cover in this section. These other visas are as under:

  • Transit visas
  • Electronic Visa Waiver
  • Visa-free travel
  • To attend a conference, meeting, or training
  • To take part in a sports event
  • To take a clinical attachment or observer post (doctors and dentists)
  • To take the Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board test (PLAB)
  • To accompany students on a study programme or carry out research (academics)
  • Traveling to the UK for medical treatment

The new immigration rules have relaxed some visa categories to allow you to undertake short term study courses.

UK Visit Visa Applications

UK Visit Visa Applications

UK is one of the top Tourist Destinations and you will need to apply for Visitor Visa if your are a UK Visa National. We can help you with your visit visa needs.

Settlement & Citizenship

Settlement & Citizenship

HSMP Immigration Services UK Ltd. can help you with Settlement / Indefinite Leave To Remain in the UK and British Citizenship / Naturalisation Application.

Non-PBS Work Visas for the UK

Non-PBS Work Visas for the UK

UK offers Non Points Based Work Visas, without need for sponsors, which lead to Indefinite Leave To Remain after qualifying stay of five years in the UK.

Our Fees Schedule

Our Fees Schedule

HSMP Immigration Services UK Ltd. is OISC Registered Immigration Advisor. Find out more about our professional fees for UK Immigration & Visa services.

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Whether you are an individual looking to apply for a UK Visa / Entry Clearance Application from outside the UK or Leave to Remain / Extension application from within the UK, HSMP Immigration Services UK Ltd. will be happy to help. If you are an Employer wishing to apply for Sponsor License, we can help.

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