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Types of Sponsor Licences for the UK Employers

Types of Sponsor Licences for the UK Employers under Immigration Rules

You can apply for "Sponsor Licence for Workers" or "Sponsor License for Temporary Workers" or can select to apply for both types to sponsor both types of workers.

Under the new immigration rules, you will need a sponsor licence to employ someone from outside the UK including citizens of EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland if they arrive in the UK after 31 December 2020. This includes unpaid work, like running a charity or volunteering with a charity.

Worker licence

A 'Worker' licence will let you employ people for long-term or permanently. Worker license is required for sponsoring:

  • Skilled Workers - the role must meet the job suitability requirements.
  • Intra-company visas - this includes Intra-company Transfer and Intra-company Graduate Trainee, for multinational companies which need to transfer established employees or graduate trainees to the UK,
  • Minister of Religion - for people coming to work for a religious organisation,
  • Sportsperson - for elite sportspeople and coaches who will be based in the UK.

Temporary Worker licence

A 'Temporary Worker' licence will let you employ people on a temporary basis. Temporary worker license is suitable for sponsoring:

  • Creative or Sporting Worker - to work as a high-level sportsperson (up to 1 year), entertainer or artist (up to 2 years)
  • Charity Worker - for unpaid workers at a charity (up to 1 year)
  • Religious Worker - for those working in a religious order or organisation (2 years)
  • Government Authorised Exchange Worker - work experience (1 year), research projects or training, for example practical medical or scientific training (2 years) to enable a short-term exchange of knowledge.
  • International Agreement Worker - where the worker is coming to do a job which is covered by international law, for example employees of overseas governments.
  • Seasonal Worker - for those coming to the UK for up to 6 months to do farm work.

The UK Employers do not need a licence to employ:

  • Irish citizens
  • those with settled or pre-settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme
  • those with indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

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