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Graduate Route Visa UK

Studying For A Bachelor's Or Master's Degree In The UK on Student Visa?

You may be able to switch to new Graduate Visa, which will be launched in Summer of 2021.

If you are an international student studying with an approved UK Higher Education Provider for a Bachelor's or Master's Degree completing your studies in Summer of 2021, you will be eligible to switch to the new Graduate Route Visa in the UK. You should be under Tier 4 (General) or new Student Visa when you apply for Graduate Visa.

If you complete your degree successfully, you will be granted a two years visa / leave to remain to gain work experience or look for work. However, you will get Graduate Visa for three years if you complete a Ph. D. in the UK.

Graduate Visa is an unsponsored route i.e. you do not need a sponsor to sponsor for this visa and is based on your successful completion of higher studied in the UK.

Graduate visa is similar to Tier 1 Post-study Work (PSW) Visa and the Government hopes that graduate route will increase the popularity of the UK as a destination for higher studies.

You will not need to show the maintenance fund and because you would have completed Bachelors Degree at the minimum in the UK, you will not need to demonstrate knowledge of English language. You will need to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge, though along with the visa application fee.

You can switch into a work visa i.e. Skilled Worker Visa during this Graduate Visa .

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