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OISC Registration

HSMP Services Limited Registered with OISC - UK

OISC Registration No. F200400184

HSMP Services Limited is pleased to inform all the members, clients and site visitors that we are now registered with OISC - UK (Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner) as Immigration Advisor and Consultant. To begin with HSMP Services Limited will be concentrating on Immigration Services and Immigration Advice for HSMP Applications, HSMP Extensions, Work Permits and other UK Visas.

What does OISC Registration mean?

OISC Registration means that HSMP Services Limited is regulated by OISC in the matters related to UK Immigration Services and UK Immigration Advice. OISC Registration means that we provide Immigration Services and Advice as per the Code of Conduct and Rules as specified by OISC.

OISC Registration also means that our clients can deal with us with full confidence when they engage us for Immigration Services or Immigration Advice for the United Kingdom. OISC Registration also means that we can act as your Representatives for HSMP Applications, HSMP Extension Applications and Work Permit Applications.

As a part of Registration process we have submitted some of our Policy documents with OISC and the same are available here for your ready reference. You can check the following documents:

  1. Services contract for the Immigration Services provided by HSMP Services Limited, mainly for HSMP Applications, HSMP Extension Applications, Work Permits and other Immigration Advice and Services provided by us.
  2. Fees Schedule for Services provided by HSMP Services Limited
  3. Our policy of non-discrimination
  4. Our Privacy policy
  5. Our policy of Complaints handling related to Immigration Services
  6. Initial Client Details form which you can download or print and send to us with your details and documents.

If you need any further details about HSMP Services Limited and Services provided by us or if you have any questions about us or OISC Registration, please contact us.

HSMP Services UK - Registered With OISC UK

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