Tier 1 General for Highly Skilled Workers and Indefinite Leave To Remain in UK .
Tier 1 (General) Scheme for Highly Skilled replaced HSMP in 2008. Tier 1 General leads to Indefinite Leave To Remain in UK after 5 years as against 4 years under Old HSMP. Click here to see if you qualify under Tier 1 General

   Tier 1 (General) Highly Skilled UK
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Tier 1 General
Applications For
Highly Skilled
Within the UK
from 29/02/2008
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Indefinite Leave
To Remain in UK
After 4 Years
Applied Before
3 April 2006
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Same Day
Fast Track
Service For
Tier 1 General,
Tier 1 PSW &
ILR Applications
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  • Tier 1 Gen. Qualifying Points increased to 80
  • Policy on Refusal due to Maintenance Fund
  • Life In The UK Test for ILR Application
  • British Citizenship / Naturalisation Application
  • Facts and Details about the UK
  • UK Economy
  • Healthcare in the UK
  • UK Shortage Occupations

    UK Immigration Services For Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 4, ILR & British Citizenship Provided by HSMP Services

    UK Immigration or UK Visas are divided into Points Based System and Non-PBS Categories. UKBA, Home Office announces changes to various categories from time to time for the Leave To Remain and Entry Clearance applications to be submitted within the UK and outside the UK. The schemes, eligibility criteria and requirements keep on changing at regular intervals and therefore it is essential to consult a reliable and professional immigraion adviser or consultant to make a successful application.

    HSMP Services is dedicated to provide the best possible Immigration Services to the Highly Skilled Individuals who wish to apply under Tier 1 General Scheme for Highly Skilled from within the UK or from outside the UK.

    We also help our clients for Indefinite Leave To Remain in the UK applications or ILR applications leading to UK Residency or Settlement in the UK. Once you have completed 12 months or 1 year continuous stay in the UK under Indefinite Leave To Remain you can apply for British Citizenship

    Tier 1 General for Highly Skilled replaced the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme or HSMP and Tier 1 General Scheme for Highly Skilled individuals has been launched globally with effect from 29 June 2008.

    The UK Home Office also announced the launch of Tier 1 (Investors), Tier 1 (Entrepreneurs) and Tier 1 (Post-Study Work) Visa Schemes under Tier 1 Visa Schemes for the UK Immigration. Tier 1 Scheme will be the Top Level Immigration Visas available to individuals based on their Skills, Experience, Investment Capabilities and Successful Higher Education of Bachelor's Degree or above in the UK and no sponsorship like employer sponsorships will be required.

    We constantly work towards saving our clients the time, effort and money by pro-actively searching for the information they will need and the services they will want.
      HSMP Services Ltd. is registered with OISC UK as Immigration Advisor. However, the views and information provided on this site are not Legal Advice but general information. To get Legal Advice for your personal case, please contact us or appropriate Legal / Immigration Advisor.  

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    Our Fees for Tier 1 & Extensions
    HSMP Services Limited is authorised and monitored by OISC – UK as Immigration Advisor. Please click here to know details about our Services and Fees for Tier 1 General Applications and Extension / Switching Application under Tier 1 General Scheme.
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    HSMP Services Limited provides Same Day Premium Services for Tier 1 General, Tier 1 PSW, Tier 2, Indefinite Leave To Remain (SET), HSMP Extension & FLR. Please click here to know more details of same day premium services.

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