Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) of the UK is probably the best Immigration Scheme open to Highly Skilled and Experienced Professionals, Executives & Managers, presently available from any of the developed countries. HSMP leads to Permanent Resident status for the United Kingdom in just four years. Click here for more details...

   Highly Skilled Migrant Programme
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  TIER 1 (GENERAL) Applications and TIER 1 (GENERAL) Extensions - Professional Fees Schedule  

HSMP Services Limited is registered with and monitored by OISC (Office of Immigration Services Commissioner) UK and specialises in professional and immigration services related to initial TIER 1 (GENERAL) applications for the Highly Skilled individuals for UK Immigration, TIER 1 (GENERAL) Extension applications, Work Permits, Student Visas and Entry Clearance or UK Visa applications.

Our professional charges for Tier 1 (General) applications and Tier 1 (General) Extension applications are as under:

Tier 1 (General) Application in UK
Additional Fees per Dependant
800 Pounds for Main Applicant
100 Pounds per Dependant
Tier 1 (Dependent) Application in UK
(If applying separately)
350 Pounds
Tier 1 (General) Application outside UK
Additional Fees per Dependent
800 Pounds for Main Applicant
100 Pounds per Dependant
Tier 1 (General) Fast Track Applications
(If you wish Urgent Processing due to
Approaching 28th Birth Day etc)
1000 Pounds for Main Applicant
Tier 1 (General) Switching after HSMP
Approval, if letter is valid still
350 Pounds for Main Applicant
100 Pounds for Dependants
HSMP Review
(If you are not our client already)
750 Pounds
Entry Clearance Application after HSMP 350 Pounds
Work Permit Application 750 Pounds
Indefinite Leave To Remain Fees 750 Pounds
Student Visa Initial Application 650 Pounds
Student Visa Extension Application 350 Pounds
Visit Visa Application 350 Pounds
Same Day Premium Service 250 Pounds
Initial Consulting for Tier 1 (General) / HSMP
(If this is your first time application)
20 Pounds
Initial Consulting for Tier 1 (General) / HSMP
(If this is consulting after Refusal)
50 Pounds
Postage Charges 35 Pounds
Courier Charges
(If you are not in the UK)
50 Pounds (Approx.)
VAT will be charged extra, if applicable.


Tier 1 (Post Study Work), Tier 1 (Investors) and Tier 1 (Entrepreneurs) Application charges are same as Tier 1 (General) Applications.

We do not take up the case unless we feel that you will be able to score the required points under New Tier 1 (General) for Highly Skilled Workers or existing HSMP scheme. We usually do not submit application unless we are confident about the case however; if you instruct us to go ahead with your application we will submit the same to Home Office at your risk.

Our professional fees will be payable in 2 parts. Initially you pay 50% when we take up the case and remaining 50% when we are ready to submit the Tier 1 Application. In the UK, remaining 50% is payable when we receive the approval from Home Office.

Tier 1 (General) Application fee in the UK is 750 Pounds and for all other countries it is 600 Pounds per person for main applicant as well as dependents, which is to be paid by you separately to Home Office in the UK or British High Commission in your country of residence respectively. If you are in not in the UK and have already received HSMP approval letter, which is still valid, you will need to pay 200 per application for main applicant as well as dependents.

If you are in the UK and can change status while in the UK, you will need to pay 350 Pounds fees to Home Office for you as well as dependents, if you have already received HSMP approval letter.

There will be Postage cost of 35 Pounds, and if you are not in the UK, there will be courier charges to be paid by you for return of your original documents and HSMP Team's decision letter. These courier charges would be approximately 50 Pounds, however they can be more if weight of the documents to be returned is more.

After 29 June 2008, if you are applying from outside the UK, you will need to personally visit the British High Commission or VFS in your Home Country to provide the biometric data. Since you will be directly submitting the application and receiving the decision directly, we would expect that you pay us remaining 50% of our fees before we send you the completed forms, cover letter and other explanatory statements.

'No Win - No Fees' is at our discretion and we will give you confirmation in writing if we are accepting your case under 'No Win - No Fees' basis. Even in such cases, you will need to pay initial 50% payment and if we receive refusal and if you do not wish to proceed with Review Requests, we will refund the amount paid to us after deducting postage / courier expenses.

In all other cases, if there is refusal for some reason and if you decide that you do not want to proceed with Review (which is similar to Appeal) we will refund 50% of what you have paid. We will deduct actual postage / courier expenses from this refund for return of your original documents to you.

However if you proceed with review then there is no refund from the initial fees paid but you will not be asked to pay remaining 50 % if the Tier 1 application is refused even after Administrative Review.

If you withdraw your application for any reason, there will be NO Refunds.

The fees above do not include the Application Fees or other Fees payable to Home Office or Work Permits UK or other organisations like NARIC - UK, Courier Services, Translation Agencies, Postages etc.

We will inform you about these additional costs / expenses you need to meet in respect of your Application and you will have the freedom to meet these expenses directly. Actually, we prefer that you make these payments directly wherever possible.

If you have any queries in this regards please contact us at hsmpservices@gmail.com and we will be happy to provide clarification.

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What HSMP Members say...
I submitted my application under the HSMP in mid January, 2004. After four weeks I have not got a response. It is very frustrating since the guidelines for the programme indicates that most applications will be processed in one day. Through the very efficient assisstance of HSMP support services, I have made contact by telephone and was told that since the revision of the programme they have experienced a flood of applications, and as a result most applications take approximately eight weeks for processing. On recieving a positive response from the HSMP, I definitely intend to regester with HSMP support services to take advantage of the support services offered and to be part of the HSMP community. I found the promt response from HSMP support services very encouraging. I am a civil engineer from the Island of St Lucia in the Caribbean look foward to sharing my cultural and other experiences with others.  More...
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